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Our Women ’ s Healthcare Centre offers a comprehensive and personalised approach to assist women live healthier , longer lives . KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital ’ s ( KPJ DSH ) Women ’ s Healthcare Centre provides preventive and corrective care services from women ’ s perspective and focuses on a range of services including fertility , obstetrics and gynecology ( O & G ), breast and endocrine , geriatrics , clinical oncology , and radiotherapy . Value-added services include virtual consultations , home care , Infant CPR , Parentcraft education , and medication delivery to patients ’ doorsteps .
The KPJ Damansara Fertility Centre is led by qualified professionals and embryologists who provide basic screenings and comprehensive treatments , including IVF with PGS ( Preimplantation Genetic Screening ), PGD ( Preimplantation genetic diagnosis ), Egg Donation , Egg Freezing , and Embryo Freezing . In addition to fertility treatments , our Women ’ s Health Centre features O & G experts who care for our patients , particularly throughout pregnancy and cancer treatments . Most of our professionals are Key Opinion Leaders ( KOLs ) who engage the community via mainstream and social media on current topics relating to women ’ s health and wellness . We have nine O & G experts , including a Gynae-Onco , and one celebrity doctor , Dr . Imelda Nasreen Nasruddin @ Balchin .
Our commitment to Women ’ s Health is made possible with our experienced specialists , including the
KPJ Damansara Team
supporting medical team , who are able to address severe medical situations , such as breast cancer , cervical cancer , and fibrosis , to name a few . KPJ DSH is equipped with 3D Mammograms , 4D Ultrasounds , 3D Laparoscopies , HD Colposcopies , Breast Ultrasounds , Pelvic Floor Muscle Tighten Machines , CT scans , and Linear Accelerators ( LINAC ). During the pandemic , we treated a range of international women ’ s health issues , mainly cancer , through medical evacuation .
Acknowledging our responsibility towards lower-income communities , KPJ DSH and Yayasan Warisan Anak Selangor ( YAWAS ), a State Government Agency via the MammoSel Programme , have delivered free mammograms to more than 2,000 women since 2015 .
In order to raise awareness of our Women ’ s Healthcare Centre , we continue to highlight our services and history of success on social media platforms , especially Facebook , Instagram , our official website , SMS drop , and EDMs ( Electronic Direct Mail ). Furthermore , we also continue to focus
on topics surrounding mental health and pregnancy issues during COVID-19 ( vaccines , health , pre- and post-natal health guidelines ), as well as general women ’ s health , cervical cancer , and breast cancer .
Social influencers have helped us promote an array of packages offered at KPJ DSH throughout the years , including 3D mammograms , pregnancy , and cancer screenings . Women over the age of 40 have shown the highest interest in our women ’ s wellness packages as a result of these campaigns , while younger women ( those under 30 ) have shown more interest in our mammography , 3D ultrasound , HPV vaccine , cancer , and pregnancy packages .
Down the line and as part of the state government ’ s initiative to promote Malaysia as a healthcare hub in Malaysia , we will continue to promote our services by participating in partnership programmes organised by the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council ( MHTC ) in our bid to provide the best possible care and treatment for women .
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