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For almost three decades , KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital has consistently earned the trust of local and international patients by maintaining its reputation as one of the preferred medical hubs in Malaysia .
As a testament to this achievement , KPJ Ampang Puteri received the coveted Oncology ( Medical ) Service Provider of the Year in the Asia-Pacific award at the Global Health Asia-Pacific Healthcare and Hospital Awards 2022 .
At KPJ Ampang Puteri , we provide a holistic , compassionate approach to cancer care from diagnosis to full recovery . Our commitment to treating and caring for cancer patients is the cornerstone of who we are .
The hospital ’ s Chief Executive Officer ( CEO ) Muhammad Badri Hussin said the award was made possible due to the trust of patients throughout the years , as well as the support from oncology specialists , nurses , and colleagues working tirelessly and selflessly behind the scenes .
“ This is a great tribute to our talented and passionate team of doctors from multiple medical disciplines , efficient and competent nursing teams , and staff who have contributed to the growth and success of KPJ Ampang Puteri ,” he said .
Modern technologies and advanced procedures Launched in 2019 , our Cancer Centre has become a one-stop facility fitted with state-of-the-art equipment that provides a more extensive range of radiotherapy and diagnostic technolo-
Encik Muhammad Badri Hussin
gies to cancer patients .
Our Cancer Centre houses the PET / CT ( Positron Emission Tomography / Computed Tomography ) scanner . By combining these two scanning technologies ( PET Scan and CT Scan ), small tumours can be found even if they are undetectable by other imaging procedures , which can have a major impact on early health screening .
The Centre is also equipped with the latest chemotherapy drugs and radiotherapy technologies , which complements its successful proven experience in modern treatment methods , including targeted therapy , hormone therapy , immunotherapy , and surgery .
We also house radiotherapy facilities to treat cancer . For example , the Discovery RT , an advanced radiation therapy planning CT simulator , offers a unique set of features that enables flexible patient positioning while addressing challenges presented by patient motion and metal . It also supports precise treatment planning and enhances workflow efficiency . This enables the oncology team to have faster access to more information .
Another fascinating advanced radiotherapy system is the Elekta Versa HD Linear Accelerator ( Linac ), a sophisticated system that delivers accurate doses of radiation to target tumours that are hard to reach or located close to vital organs .
Oncology Team and Oncology Centre The Cancer Centre benefits from a full-scale team of oncologists , medical physicists , radiation therapists , radiologists , oncology nurses , surgeons , and physicians . Our oncology specialists work together with consultants from 29 other medical specialities .
Additionally , we have a support group called H . O . P . E which offers a safe space for patients and their families to cope emotionally by providing an avenue to share and work through feelings and challenges during each stage of their cancer journey .
In fact , our hospital ’ s motto , “ Care for Life ”, is not just a culture but is ingrained in the mindset of each of our team members .
“ You ’ ll discover that KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital is more than just a place to visit when you ’ re unwell . We wanted to build a hospital with a patient-first approach , a hospital that allows us to celebrate the healing journey together ,” concluded Muhammad Badri .
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