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Skin Age Reversal :

The Effect Of Regenerative Polynucleotide II

Text written by Dr Usha Hoh

With a plethora of beauty treatments available to give you that coveted lit from within glow and radiance , skin boosters have become the cosmetic treatment designed to deliver deep skin hydration that everyone is raving about . This latest contemporary , top of the line cosmetic invention , named after its primary function , is the latest advent targeting skin dehydration and nourishment on to the next level . It is one of the most popular treatments because of the unique nature , minimally invasive and clinically proven results .

Skin booster as the name clearly suggest , boosts up the skin hydration and then what ’ s next ? How would you like to be introduced to a newer regenerative skin bio remodelling product that regenerates your own skin ’ s collagen for the next one year after a completed recommended treatment protocol . Now that ’ s catchy and its absolutely possible with Rejuran .
Rejuran is a regenerative bio remodelling skin booster treatment , derived from salmon testicles used to improve skin hydration , firmness and luminosity , through micro-injections of a soft gel like substance called polynucleotide into the skin . The treatment is scattered across the face via multiple microinjection ( it can also be used on the neck , chest or hands ) to create tissue hydration and collagen stimulation without affecting the face ’ s contour . By injecting the polynucleotide into the skin , the treatment bypasses the outer barrier and is delivered directly to the dermis , or the skin ’ s middle layer . Once injected , the polynucleotide molecule stimulates the fibroblast cells to begin reproducing new collagen and elastin .
Rejuran in my practice has never failed to reproduce excellent results for my patients , be it to even up skin tone , hydrate and revitalize the skin , minimize pore sizes , improve fine lines or to add volume in certain areas when it is properly placed in the actual planes of injection . Owing to its properties with regards to new vessel formation , cell activity promotion , collagen synthesis , anti-inflammation , reduction in hyperpigmentation , soft tissue regeneration , skin priming and revitalization and its anti-aging effect , Rejuran has definitely revealed its potential as a promising skin anti-aging agent in my practice .
The two areas where I find Rejuran does most of its wonders are in my acne scar patients and in patients who comes in for periorbital rejuvenation but refuses toxins or fillers . Periorbital rejuvenation has always been a challenge for me but with Rejuran , that has been tackled easily becauce of the natural result that Rejuran gives coupled with its excellent tolerability profile . In my experience , Rejuran forms an integral part of the anti-aging arsenal , as long as a flawless injection technique is used and any counterindications are taken into account . Rejuran provide my patients with a perfect triad therapy : safety , physical correction and psychological satisfaction .
Dr Usha Hoh CEO & Senior Medical Director of MX Clinic and Key Opnion Leader and International Speaker for Rejuran ( PharmaResearch Korea )
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