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Increase Hair Growth and Strength

Keratin and dead skin cells make up hair . While there is no immediate technique to help your hair grow quicker , there are things you can do to keep it healthy and long .
1 . Maintain your vitamin and nutrient levels While many firms market hair development vitamins or supplements , they do not necessarily directly increase hair length . Because your body requires a lot of energy to help your hair grow , a lack of calories and certain nutrients might have an effect on it .
In general , obtaining your vitamins and minerals from food is preferable . But you should still consider taking supplements , especially if you have a deficit .
2 . Use essential oils or carrier oils Add a few drops of tea tree , rosemary , or lime essential oil to your shampoo or dilute it with jojoba oil .
According to a study , these three oils help boost scalp health . Despite this , there needs to be more research on essential oils that can cause your hair to grow more quickly . In another study , it was found that the essential oils lavender , chamomile , thyme , peppermint , and garlic extract may help with hair loss treatment .
Avoid putting essential oils on your skin directly . Dilute them in carrier oil instead .
While evidence indicates that essential oils may have health advantages , the FDA does not monitor or control the purity or quality of essential oils . Consult with a healthcare professional and carefully research a product ’ s calibre before you utilise essential oils . Always do a patch test before utilising a new essential oil . Certain carrier oils , such as coconut , sunflower , mineral , and castor , may even aid in hair moisturisation .
3 . Use topical ointments Topical ointments are often advised for persons experiencing hair loss and may aid in the growth of your hair .
The following products increase hair development and aid in the treatment of alopecia , or hair loss :
• Melatonin is used topically . It may prevent hair loss and enhance the anagen growth cycle .
• 5 % minoxidil topical ( Rogaine ). When taken regularly for 3 to 6 months , it slows hair loss .
• Topical finasteride ( Propecia ) prescription . This may boost hair development and slow hair loss in androgenetic alopecia , generally known as malepattern baldness .
4 . Consume keratin supplements Hair loss is a typical indicator of protein shortage ; thus , protein supplements , especially keratin , may help people who are deficient improve their hair condition . Aside from that , little is known about the effects of protein , keratin , and vitamins on hair health .
5 . Apply a topical protein therapy to the affected area Protein promotes hair growth while also protecting it from chemical and environmental harm . A low protein intake may be connected with decreased hair growth .
Generally , receiving protein through food rather than from supplements is preferable . Certain vegetables , nuts , yoghurt , and meals like lean meat and fish are all good sources .
If you often style or heat your hair , a protein treatment may help protect it . These items are available for purchase online .
Prepared by Klinik Dr Inder ( Hair Transplant Centre Malaysia )
Datuk Dr Inder is an aesthetic physician at Klinik Dr Inder in Malaysia .
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