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CREDIT : KL WELLNESS CITY leukaemia and beta-thalassaemia . This approach can ensure that the newborn doesn ’ t carry the same genetic condition affecting their older sibling while having cells that are an exact match of the sibling ’ s ones and therefore won ’ t be rejected after transplantation .
The International Tertiary Hospital will feature a comprehensive array of advanced medical equipment based on multi-disciplinary specialities and subspecialities , ensuring high-quality medical care . Hybrid operating rooms incorporating procedures such as magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI ) and coronary angiogram will be one of the exceptional features of the hospital . Operating rooms with hybrid features are more advantageous in terms of resource utilisation , integrating both surgical equipment and medical imaging in one multifunctional room , thus reducing workspace size and greatly enhancing surgical efficiency leading to improved patient safety .
The hospital ’ s cardiology department will also provide patients with bi-plane and single plane cath lab where diagnostic imaging of the heart and arteries can be conducted . Moreover , the hospital will also have 3 Tesla MRI machines that operate at twice the normal strength compared to standard MRI with 1.5 Tesla . This enables production of high quality and detailed images that facilitate a more accurate diagnosis . The hospital also seeks to change how computed topography ( CT ) scan is regularly conducted by procuring a 512- slice CT scan that allows Cardiac Imaging Analysis in 3D . This enables cardiologists to determine the strength of the heartbeat and to diagnose artery conditions early , preventing more serious heart complications .
Dr Colin Lee
512-slice CT scan
Similarly , innovation is also available outside the operating theatre at KL Wellness City . The International Tertiary Hospital plans to roll out 5G-assisted smart ambulances as part of their emergency response . Seamless connectivity using 5G technology enables patient monitoring systems that can transmit patient data to the hospital in real time . This will enable doctors to correctly brief paramedics in providing immediate care while en route to the hospital . Concurrently , emergency department physicians can make the required preparations based on the most recent ambulance data to manage the patient upon arrival , facilitating a smooth transition from ambulance care to hospital care and enhancing patient outcome .
The hospital will be connected to The Nobel Healthcare Park , an ecosystem of medical , wellness , and business suites where specialists can set up their practice and health travellers can find convenient wellness suites to rent while recovering and receiving outpatient care like physiotherapy and wound dressing management .
Such interconnected ecosystem will provide much more convenient medical services than standard healthcare providers because patients can benefit from both the hospital in-house doctors who are available around the clock and a great variety of specialists who can easily communicate to each other . In this way , patients can be quickly referred to other experts for an additional consultation in suites that are at walking distance from the hospital .
On top of that , KL Wellness City will also provide all the related ancillary and support medical services and non-western-based medicine such as complementary , alternative , and traditional medicine from various countries and cultures . These alternative approaches will be centralised in one location and accessible to patients and the public seeking rejuvenation and rehabilitation therapy .
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