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KL Wellness City promises total care in the heart of Kuala Lumpur


KL Wellness City is the first healthcare project in Southeast Asia that aims to offer comprehensive medical care of the highest quality while fostering a healthy lifestyle that could prevent several common diseases .

Currently in development in the easy-to-reach area of Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur , the vision behind KL Wellness City involves the creation of an integrated and interconnected health ecosystem where people can pursue their wellness goals while having a host of facilities at their disposal , including a high-tech hospital , medical suites , serviced apartments , fitness and recreational areas as well as restaurants and a shopping mall , explained KL Wellness City managing director Dato ’ Dr Colin Lee .
Uniqueness of KL Wellness City Central to the whole city is The International Tertiary Hospital , which will be equipped with world-class medical technology and staffed by a workforce well versed in all the medical specialities and subspecialities . This means the hospital will provide quaternary care services , or some of the most advanced treatments that are only available in a few highly specialised centres , such as bone marrow transplantation and stem cell-based treatment .
The healthcare team at KL Wellness City will also have at its disposal the most advanced medical equipment on the market . Dr Colin stated that the staggering amount of RM250 million is allocated for equipment procurement , an investment that will give specialists the chance to make use of advanced technology in various areas including genomics and precision medicine .
For example , to illustrate the vision of the cuttingedge technologies , one cutting-edge procedure that will be available at the hospital is the saviour sibling programme , which involves helping parents conceive a healthy child through in-vitro fertilisation to use the newborn ’ s stem cells from the umbilical cord to cure an older sibling of life-threatening conditions such as
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