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Lip rejuvenation

Dr Anna Hoo explains how to make the lips look younger
The lips are the visible part of the mouth and are often viewed as a symbol of sensuality and sexuality . They communicate our emotions and who we are . Surveys performed by sexual psychologists have found that universally , men find a woman ’ s full lips to be more sexually attractive than lips that are less so . A woman ’ s lips are therefore sexually beautiful to males because they are a biological indicator of a woman ’ s health , youth , and fertility .
Unfortunately , our lips also undergo active ageing in the form of : 1 . Wrinkles – Smoker lines are common wrinkles that form around the lips . They start at the vermilion borders and are accentuated by the kissing movement of the lips .
2 . Volume loss - As we age , our lips appear thinner , with volume loss and flattening of the lips ’ borders .
3 . Tissue loss – As the tissues surrounding the lips age , we start to lose dental and bone support in the lower part of the face due to bone resorption . The structural loss leads to lack of support , resulting in a sad look , marionette lines , and a receding chin .
Inspired by Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson ’ s beautiful lips , lip rejuvenation is now very popular . The key to successful therapy is proper filler selection , treatment planning , and understanding the desired result before treatment .
The best filler choice for lip rejuvenation is hyaluronic acid ( HA ), which occurs naturally in our bodies . It is slowly absorbed over time , meaning you will need repeat treatments to maintain the look with no long-term adverse reaction .
Commonly used HA fillers include Juvederm , Restylane , and Teosyal , which are approved by the FDA for soft-tissue augmentation and can last a year or more . Compared with bovine ( cow ) derived collagen injections , HA fillers eliminate the need for skin testing , last longer , and have a more natural and aesthetically pleasing result – with fewer adverse events .
Lip fillers are designed to redefine the lips and correct irregularities that might have formed around the lips over time . Another advantage is that they help soften the lips while keeping the skin around them moisturised and enhancing the lips ’ shape . The results can last up to a year , depending on the product selection and individual ’ s lifestyle .
Some common treatment options are : 1 . Natural lips This look is ideal for individuals who prefer a natural appearance and want to achieve a beautiful classic look with minor correction , while adding volume and hydration .
Asymmetry of upper and lower lips correction with hydration treatment of the lips
Correction of imbalanced lips
2 . Russian lips The Russian lip is used to create voluminous and thick upper and lower lips . Russian lips are ideal for those who want to create intentional plumpness or extra fullness .
3 . Heart-shaped lips This is a more defined , lush look , ideal for those who want more defined features ( e . g ., Cupid bow , corner of the lips , or plumpness in the centre ).
To get a beautiful lip , it is essential to have a good understanding of aesthetics , harmony , and balance . It is also important to evaluate the patient ’ s goals and work to enhance their natural shape that aligns with their facial features and personality . This treatment should be performed by experienced and qualified doctors to ensure the procedure produces outstanding results and high patient satisfaction .
Dr Anna Hoo is an aesthetic physician with an MD from the University of Science Malaysia . She is also the founder and medical director of the Anna Hoo Clinic , an anti-ageing and aesthetic group practice in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia .
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