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Hair Transplant : An increasingly popular treatment

Datuk Dr Inder explains how the treatment works transplant can greatly help those struggling with these psychological effects of hair loss .
Impressive accomplishments and high success rates Modern hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular due to their natural-looking results . Methods have evolved significantly from what they used to be , where a patient would normally get a doll-like hair look . Additionally , due to advancements in the field of hair restoration , the procedures now have higher success rates , which entice more people to invest in these reliable solutions .
It is predicted that by 2026 the worldwide hair restoration market will be worth US $ 32.4 billion , expanding at a pace of 22.7 percent each year . Unbelievably , one in every thirteen males will undergo hair transplant surgery at some point in his life , and women appear to be following suit .
Because of the disturbingly increasing rates of hair loss in both men and women , hair transplants have become more popular than ever before . More than 250,000 hair restoration treatments were performed in Asia alone in 2021 , an increase of 31 percent and 75 percent over the previous two years , respectively .
Why has it become popular ? Although hair transplant is not something new , it has become increasingly popular in the last few decades . Here ’ s why :
Hair transplant helps build self-confidence While some men may readily accept the loss of their hair , there are others who develop insecurity and symptoms of depression due to their changed appearance and the fact that they can ’ t control it . Hair
Acceptance by others Celebrities ’ willingness to open up about their hair transplant experiences has helped to reduce the societal stigma associated with improving one ’ s natural look . Consequently , hair transplant has become more socially acceptable and is widely normalised .
Affordability and more options There has been a growth in the number of clinics providing hair transplant treatments as the demand grows . In addition , technological advancements have made the process more efficient , which has resulted in significant cost savings . Some people are even opting to travel to other countries where prices are lower .
What is the latest in hair transplant procedures ? Follicular unit excision ( FUE ) is the least invasive hair transplant procedure with a shorter recovery period . FUE is the best if your main objective is to return to your regular life as soon as possible . In this procedure , follicles are individually taken from the scalp ( known as the donor area ) and are transplanted into the balding areas . Despite its time-consuming nature , many patients choose FUE to avoid getting scarring , which is common with other types of hair transplant procedures .
At the end of the day , a hair transplant treatment is customisable to fit individual needs , and the best way to do that is through a thorough assessment of your condition . Therefore , regardless of your preferred treatment , the first step to restoring your natural crown is to consult a hair transplant doctor to know what would work best for you !
Datuk Dr Inder is an aesthetic physician at Klinik Dr Inder in Malaysia .
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