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Orthopaedic Centres of Excellence ( Spine and Joints Centre and Hand and Upper Limb Centre ), as well as the hospital facilities that are easy to access .
Most abundantly , patients will feel at ease being supported in all aspects of the patient ’ s physical , emotional , and social needs . At PHKL , patients will find delight in receiving the right treatment options and procedure during their consultations , which will have our multidisciplinary team work together in diagnosing them . Profoundly , a more personalised means of patientcentred care is the utmost priority for the orthopaedic team at PHKL , which helps to ensure that the patient ’ s investment in their own recovery is possible .
As for the surgical treatments at PHKL , they are based according to the targeted musculoskeletal area of the body . They range from Anthroplasty , which includes total Hip and Knee Replacement , to Hand and Wrist surgical procedures as well as Spine and other treatment modalities . In addition , the orthopaedic centre also offers a plethora of non-surgical treatments and orthopaedic rehabilitation services that do just as well�
Non-Surgical Treatments � Specific exercises that target the range of motion and flexibility
� Use of immobilisation-oriented apparatus � Pain-relief medications � �ifestyle changes and activities
Orthopaedic Rehabilitation � Physiotherapy
Book an Appointment at Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur At PHKL , it is important for patients to get acquainted with their underlying health conditions before any consultation can be conducted . When that is well under done , a dedicated team of expert orthopaedic surgeons will wait for your visit , and further personalisation of your orthopaedic needs can be within your reach .
With all things considered , an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeons is a good idea if you are experiencing difficulty with joint discomfort , lasting chronic pain , instability , and experience of numbness or pain .
For more information , please contact Spine & Joint Centre 03-2296 0416 or Hand & Upper Limb Centre 03-2296 0478 .
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