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All Things Orthopaedic at Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Restoring Mobility with a Devoted Approach to Orthopaedic
Most abundantly , patients will feel at ease being supported in all aspects of the patient ’ s physical , emotional , and social needs .

In today ’ s world of modernity , reclaiming the quality of life is quintessential . Along with people ’ s sedentary lifestyle habits , unexpected shortcomings , and the added burden of the post Covid-1� Pandemic , orthopaedic care is essential for restoring their independence in their day-to-day function . What is more , it was during the pandemic that people experienced the negative impact of isolation , confinement , and physical inactivity due to lockdowns being implemented . As a result of that , the world , for the most part , has remained sedentary . From children and adolescents to young adults and elderly people , restrictions such as staying in households have left people stiff and less active . Having progressed to the year of 2023 , in which snapping back after the prolonged lockdowns seemed difficult , has ensured an increasing need for people to maintain healthy bones and joints .

Committed to a shared purpose of treating orthopaedic injuries , Pantai Hospital �uala �umpur
( PH�� ), the uniqueness of PH�� is that its team of 15 expert orthopaedic surgeons , and 5 hand and upper limb microsurgeons that cover a range of orthopaedic conditions� � Ankle and Feet � Elbow � Hands and Wrist � Hip � Knee � Shoulder � Spine
Other areas that are primarily focused on the musculoskeletal structures of the human body include Orthopaedic Oncology , Sports Injury and Trauma , as well as Paediatric Orthopaedic . Thus , the variety of orthopaedic conditions and symptoms are subspecialised and can be further developed into a patient ’ s treatment plan . Whether it is non-surgical or surgical , patients can appreciate the convenience of PH�� ’ s
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