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Aquaphysio Rehab Centre ’ s director was inspired to set up the facility in 2006 after she had used water physiotherapy for her own rehabilitation after a very bad fracture .
After spending three months in a wheelchair and learning how to walk again , she was introduced to water physiotherapy by a friend . She found water to be perfect for her rehabilitation , as it naturally supported her weight and allowed her to take her first steps after the injury .
Since she did not have a pool at home , she was forced to go to her health club ’ s pool and seek permission to do the rehab . This led to her feeling self-conscious as other people were watching her doing her rehabilitation . She also realised that her sessions at the outdoor pool were heavily dependent on the weather .
As a result of this experience , she decided to set up the first and only private physiotherapy centre in Singapore with an indoor heated pool , unlike other physiotherapy centres that offer aquatic physiotherapy in the patient ’ s own pool or in public swimming baths . Rehabilitation is offered in complete privacy in one-on-one sessions .
Water has properties that provide for safe and effective rehabilitation . Its viscosity , for example , allows for strength training and provides multidirectional resistance to aid healing and helps reduce atrophy of injured muscles .
The facility
During therapy , hydrostatic pressure is exerted on the submerged body to reduce the tendency of blood to pool in the legs and feet , which helps reduce swelling . And buoyancy reduces the effects of gravity , enabling the partial weight-bearing of bones and joints that would not otherwise tolerate full body weight , as can be the case after a fracture .
Buoyancy also provides support for the spine to allow for safer , earlier rehabilitation and for a greater range of motion and flexibility . It also allows for safer challenges to balance and stability , especially in patients with neurological conditions like stroke . Water also helps rebuild muscle memory since the innate viscosity and resistance of water slows down movements and forces the patient to focus on these more closely . This allows the brain to process signals from the muscles more thoroughly . At the same time , warm water helps to relax muscle tension and improve circulation .
AquaPhysio offers rehabilitation treatment for a number of medical conditions that can benefit from water physiotherapy . These include neck pain , including arm and shoulder pain , lower back pain and sciatica , sports injuries , and joint conditions , including post-surgery knee and shoulder rehabilitation .
Its treatment is also effective for fractures that require minimal weightbearing , strokes , balance , coordination conditions , and pregnancy-related back pain and pelvic pain . In addition , patients with Parkinson ’ s disease , rheumatism , osteoarthritis , fibromyalgia , and ankylosing spondylitis also stand to benefit .
AquaPhysio ’ s physiotherapists are trained to perform physiotherapy in water and deliver patient-centred , evidence-based holistic treatments to facilitate a timely return to normal life and activity .
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