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Tong Xin Tang TCM Centre

Malaysia . They consist of TCM practitioners , TCM therapists , TCM pharmacists , Bone Manipulation Specialists , and more . All practitioners are highly trained , and their expertise is continuously upskilled and updated to stay in touch with the latest TCM advancements .
Tong Xin Tang TCM Centre provides 11 TCM specialties targeting holistic wellness and care in the areas of orthopaedics , stroke recovery , dermatology , gynaecology , internal medicine , and more . Being a TCM centre , Tong Xin Tang specialises in a wide range of TCM treatments including acupuncture , acupoint massage , TCM bone manipulation , cupping treatment , direct detoxification system ( DDS ) treatment , guasha treatment , Fuyang treatment , and more .
Patient-Oriented treatment plans Tong Xin Tang TCM Centre ’ s greatest strength lies in the high recovery rates and shortened recovery times of many patients who were suffering from chronic diseases and poor health in general . With a patient-oriented mindset , the team makes sure that patients are comfortable and well taken care of during their visits and treatments . Each patient ’ s treatment plan is customised to their needs ; patients are prescribed personalised medication and therapies that not only ensure their recovery but also enhance their wellness and well-being after the treatment plan is completed .

Tong Xin Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ) Centre is an established and growing TCM Centre in Kuala Lumpur that offers TCM medical treatments , TCM services , and TCM healthcare products .

Founded in 2018 , Tong Xin Tang has accumulated more than 200,000 successful patient cases through its holistic TCM treatments combining traditional and modern methods . Tong Xin Tang operates two branches located in Cheras and Bangsar South .
Professional team offering a wide range of TCM treatments With a large team of professional Traditional Chinese Medicine and Wellness practitioners , Tong Xin Tang offers comprehensive TCM treatments which combine traditional TCM and new TCM technologies to enhance and achieve outstanding treatment results . Tong Xin Tang TCM Centre and its practitioners are licensed and recognised by the Ministry of Health ,
Tong Xin Tang Wellness Centre With the recent increase in public health awareness , Tong Xin Tang TCM Centre has developed an integrated service model which uses a TCM wellness approach . The emphasis is on maintenance of the body , improving the body ’ s health and ability to prevent disease , and preventing further deterioration of the body after falling ill .
Leveraging Chinese Medicine expertise for prevention of illnesses and promoting the body ’ s self-healing ability , Tong Xin Tang ’ s TCM Wellness Centre offers a full suite of wellness programmes , including dampness removing treatment , TCM warming treatment , TCM neck , shoulder and back relaxation , ovarian care treatment , and many more .
A growing presence in the TCM healthcare industry The company ’ s vision is to continue growing its presence in Malaysia by working with partners to provide more comprehensive TCM services , increase the public ’ s accessibility to TCM , and expand its TCM product line . Tong Xin Tang is fully committed to developing and promoting TCM practices and wellness services as a key component of the healthcare industry .
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