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8 You Ask , They Answer What ’ s carpal tunnel syndrome and what are its tell-tale signs ? What are flat feet and how do they develop ? What is kidney failure and its root causes ? What are piles and what are its symptoms ?
18 Holistic Health Which apple is the healthiest ? It ’ s fine if you aren ’ t interested in sex ; Can we prevent hair loss ? How to reduce the risk of running injuries
Holistic Health
28 Heart News Young patients with heart defects more prone to heart failure later in life ; AI can diagnose heart disease simply by scanning eye ; Revolutionary sensor-equipped belt monitors heart failure around the clock ; Loneliness is strongly linked to death from heart complications
34 Cancer News Sugar testing for early cancer diagnosis ; Chemical for processing meat increases cancer risk ; Vaccine extends life of patients with brain cancer ; Vegetarian diet can reduce bowel cancer risk in men
Cancer News
38 Medical News The growing threat of measles ; First poo transplant approved in Australia ; Women can safely conceive shortly after miscarriage or abortion ; Polluted air linked to one million stillbirths a year
46 Medical Tourism News China finally lifts travel restrictions three years after COVID-19 emerged ; Macao aims to be a medical tourism hub in China ’ s Greater Bay Area ; Joint Commission International announces accreditation for telehealth services ; Russian women flock to Argentina for childbirth
Medical Tourism News
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