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Dr Ho Gay Hui
Breast Surgery Breast Cancer Screening , Diagnosis , Treatment , Surveillance & Survivorship MBBS , FRCS , MD , FAMS
Dr Tan Ngian Chye
Surgical Oncology Thyroid & Parathyroid Surgery , Head & Neck Cancers , Neck dissection ( lymph node cancer ), Skin Cancers & reconstruction MBBS , MMed , FRCS , FAMS
Dr Koong Heng Nung
Thoracic and Lung , Breast , Endoscopy and General Surgery MBBS , FRCS , MMed , FAMS
Dr Tan Siong San
Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Surgery Hepatobiliary & Pancreatic Diseases ( Liver ), Gallstones , Bileduct , colorectal , neuroendocrine cancers MBBS , MMed , FRCS , FAMS
Dr Lim Chong Hee
Cardiothoracic Surgery Coronary artery bypass graft , Mediastinal tumour resection , Pneumonectomy Lobectomy resection , Thoracoscopy & video assisted thoracic surgery ( VATS ), Ventricular Assist Device – LVAD MBBS , FRCS , CTBS , FAMS
Dr Soo Khee Chee
Surgical Oncology Head & Neck Cancers , Peritoneal Malignancies , Sarcomas , Advanced Abdominal Malignancies MBBS MD , FRACS , FACS , FAMS
Dr Grace Tan
Surgical Oncology Gastrointestinal , Peritoneal ( HIPEC ), Sarcomas , Skin Cancers MBBS , MMED , FRCS
Dr Melissa Teo
Surgical Oncology Colorectal , Stomach , Recurrent Pelvic & Peritoneal ( HIPEC ) cancers , Melanomas , Sarcomas MBBS , MMED , FRCS , FAMS , MPH
CSI experts can perform a wide range of advanced surgical procedures to treat almost any cancer and often combine them with other therapies to kill off any remaining cancer cells . For example , cytoreductive surgery ( CRS ) in combination with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy ( HIPEC ) is effective in enhancing the survival rate of patients with peritoneal diseases caused by gastrointestinal and gynaecological cancers . CRS procedure involves surgical removal of malignant tumours in the abdominal cavity followed by HIPEC that applies heated chemotherapy up to 42 degrees Celsius to destroy any remaining cancer cells . Hightemperatures and direct application to the rectal cavity improve chemotherapy ’ s efficacy with little harm to surrounding healthy cells . Combining CRS with HIPEC has been clinically proven to improve long-term survival and enable patients to gradually recover and get back to their daily activities .
The practice also performs minimally invasive liver , pancreatic , colorectal , and thoracic surgeries — techniques that involve minor surgical cuts and lead to quick recovery and reduced postoperative pain . CSI also has specialists capable of conducting resections in the head , neck , and the area between the lungs , as well as reconstructive procedures after the diseased tissue has been removed . One example is thoracoscopy , which involves visual observation of the chest cavity by inserting a small video camera through the incision made at the lower torso .
“ Our cancer surgeons work to provide not just the
best survival outcomes but also aim to improve the patient ’ s quality of life and facilitate their return to life before their diagnosis ,” said Dr Teo .
CSI also advocates for prevention and early diagnosis of cancer because these are some of the best tools we have to avoid the disease or make it easier to treat . “ Cancer outcomes are much improved with earlier diagnosis ,” said Dr Teo . “ We can achieve this by educating the public on the benefits of health screening , symptoms and signs to look out for , and by encouraging early consultation with doctors when they have any suspicious symptoms .”
Doctors at CSI are just a call away , and seeking their advice early could improve your overall health .
Interested parties who would like to learn more about the services and track record of CSI as a cancer care provider can visit our website ( https :// cancersurgery . sg /), which contains the latest updates in oncology patient care .
Cancer Surgery International 6A Napier Road # 02-37A , Gleneagles Annexe Block Singapore 258500
For appointment bookings and enquiries , Contact our Central Patient Assistance Centre 24-hour hotline at ( 65 ) 735 5000
www . gleneagles . com . sg
CSI experts can perform a wide range of advanced surgical procedures to treat almost any cancer and often combine them with other therapies to kill off any remaining cancer cells .
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