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Thomson Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ) overall holistic services

TCM Fertility
Natural conception
TCM fertility treatments are well known in promoting fertility which enhance pregnancy . Acupuncture , moxibustion , TCM prescriptions and other TCM treatments regulate the three key organ systems including kidney , liver , and spleen . Regulating menstruation is the first step in preparing for a smooth pregnancy . In addition , it is also vital to take note of other body symptoms , and properly restore inner body ' s qi and blood to make the most adequate preparations for a successful natural conception .
Intrauterine insemination ( IUI ) / In vitro fertilization ( IVF )
For couples planning / undergoing IUI or IVF procedure , TCM fertility treatments can play an effective auxiliary role at this stage . Before egg retrieval , acupuncture and moxibustion can promote blood circulation , increase the ovary ’ s absorption response to drugs , and improve the quantity and quality of follicles .
Before transplantation , acupuncture and moxibustion can warm the uterus , relieve tension , stabilize the uterus , increase endometrial receptivity , and increase the chance of embryo implantation .
For men , abnormal sperm is the main cause of infertility . TCM treatments and prescriptions invigorate kidney and essence to improve sperm motility , quantity , and quality , significantly increase the success rate of IUI / IVF . The combination of Chinese and Western medicine complements each other .
TCM Gynaecology
Puberty ( between ages 8 - 13 )
The start of menstruation is one of the signs of puberty in females . The formation and regularity of menstruation mainly depends on the kidney qi and the two channels of Chong and Ren meridians . Some females experience symptoms such as menstrual irregularity and menstrual cramps . These are due to insufficient kidney qi and improper diet , resulting in spleen deficiency and damp stagnation . TCM treatments can invigorate kidney qi , regulate qi and blood to prevent discomforts of puberty .
Reproductive age ( between ages 15 - 49 )
The female body is usually in the best condition at this stage and the reproductive function is also at the peak , suitable for pregnancy . The sufficiency of blood is very important in women . TCM treatments at this stage mainly play the role of balancing qi , blood , yin and yang , promoting uterine blood flow , regulating meridians to make preparations for pregnancy and childbirth .
Menopause ( between ages 45 - 55 )
A natural part of women aging process , kidney qi is exhausted , and qi and blood gradually weaken . Symptoms such as menstrual disorders , irritability , body aches and poor sleep are prone to appear at this stage . TCM treatments mainly for nourishing kidney and liver , invigorating spleen and calm the mind , which can effectively relieve menopausal symptoms .
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