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Achieve Hollywood-worthy Results with Spectra Peel

Datuk Dr Inder is an aesthetic physician at Klinik Dr Inder in Malaysia .
The revolutionary Spectra Peel is a step forward in carbon assisted laser treatment and has earned the nickname “ Hollywood Peel ” or “ Hollywood Facial ” among celebrities as the treatment of choice in the days leading up to big events .
The use of Spectra Peel involves the application of targeted laser energy to the skin in order to lighten discoloration , even out skin tone , and other benefits . In addition to balancing out uneven pigmentation , Spectra Peel may smooth out small lines and textured imperfections in the skin .
The laser light accomplishes its dual purpose by first heating deep inside the dermis , causing the skin to contract and stimulating collagen production , and then softly targeting the melanin ( pigmentation ) in the cells , breaking it up for your body ’ s natural elimination processes . Due to the gentle nature of the treatment , repeated sessions are recommended for best outcomes .
Why choose Spectra Peel ? Rejuvenating the look of old , damaged skin , Spectra Peel requires no recovery period . This noninvasive method is suitable for all skin types and provides instant results without the lengthy recovery period required for conventional laser treatments . Your skin will look younger and more supple as the uneven pigmentation , fine wrinkles , and acne scars are diminished . Although a single session of the treatment is effective , optimal results are achieved through a series of sessions spread out over time .
What are some of the benefits of Spectra Peel ?
● Radiant , young skin
● Reduced fine wrinkles and acne scars
● Raise the body ’ s collagen production
● Smoother skin
● Improved overall skin tone
● Generally suitable for most skin types
● Non-invasive and gentle treatment
How does Spectra Peel work ? A small coating of carbon-based Spectra lotion is applied as the first step in the multi-stage carbonassisted rejuvenation treatment . Leaving the lotion on for a few minutes allows it to absorb into the skin more easily . The Spectra Laser Peel works by heating the skin , which causes it to contract and stimulates the production of collagen , and by breaking down pigment , which is then taken away by your body .
Your doctor may apply a thin coating of Spectra lotion , which contains a carbon basis and gives the appearance of a mud mask when applied to the skin . As the first step of treatment , your doctor will direct the laser ’ s energy toward your skin . When the laser fires , you may hear faint cracking noises and possibly feel a mild tingling or warmth . As part of each treatment , your doctor will run the laser over your skin many times .
Does getting Spectra Peel treatment hurt ? Patients often only feel a mild warmth on their skin and a faint prickling sensation , with no pain being reported . No topical numbing agents are required in most cases .
What is the downtime for Spectra Peel treatment ? With no recovery time required and few adverse effects , you may quickly get back to your regular routine . So schedule a Spectra Peel with your doctor right away !
This article is prepared by Klinik Dr Inder .
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