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In operation since 2009 , CHHOUR Y SENG Clinic is recognised and registered by Cambodia ’ s Ministry of Health to offer paediatric and maternity services .
CYS Clinic provides trusted professional paediatric and maternity care , offering high-quality services in a private hospital setting in Cambodia . The qualified paediatric team offers reliable , personalised care for your little ones .
During our comprehensive childhood developmental screenings , our paediatricians will assess various aspects of your child ’ s functioning , including areas such as behaviour , cognition , motor and sensory abilities , communication , social interaction , and adaptive skills . Treatments for common acute illnesses , primary emergency care , and developmental assessments are also provided .
For paediatric consultations to be a pleasant experience for the child and the accompanying caregiver , CYS Clinic aims to create a cosy and comfortable environment where stress is taken out of the visit .
The wards are divided into single and multi-bedded rooms designed to make every child as comfortable as possible in a friendly environment . The rooms are colourful and playful , resembling those at home so that the child feels fresh and lively . The wards also have playrooms and an outside play area . Natural daylight and the outdoors create a therapeutic environment integral for a healing experience .
The single rooms provide a secure , relaxed , and cosy environment so the child can feel safe leaving their home to stay in the hospital . Child-scaled furniture and sufficient storage areas for children ’ s belongings create a comfortable setting . The clinic ’ s multibedded rooms display brighter paint and precise lighting , allowing for the cost-effective sharing of rooms and amenities without reducing personal space for the child and parent to enjoy privacy and rest .
CYS Clinic ’ s delivery packages — Labour Delivery , C-Sections , and Painless Delivery — are designed to provide mothers and mothers-to-be the necessary care and support during and after delivery . The operation is run by a team of highly qualified healthcare professionals , including resident doctors , obstetricians ,
anaesthetists , midwives , nurses , and neonatologists . The clinic is also well equipped with the latest clinical facilities , such as modern ultrasound with 3D and 4D capabilities .
To ensure a safe delivery and to look after the pregnant mum as well , CYS Clinic ’ s midwifery team is equipped with state-of-the-art knowledge and skills gained through continuing education , combined with in-house training in labour and birthing processes .
Our clinic also aims to expand its facilities , while continuing to provide the best possible experience for both the child and accompanying caregiver .
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