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Established in 1996 by Professor Tan Vuochchheng , Sorphear Maternity Hospital has gradually expanded to five buildings in three locations . Our second branch , Sorphear Maternity Polyclinic Mean Chey , was established in 2019 , followed by a third branch , Sorphear Maternity Polyclinic Olympia in 2020 . With almost three decades of experience operating private hospitals , Sorphear Maternity Hospital is now one of the leading and most trusted private maternity hospitals in Cambodia in areas such as woman ’ s health , neonatology , paediatrics , and vaccinations . Our surgery department also provides a wide range of surgical care , including general surgery , orthopaedics surgery , and urology .
Our vision : accessible high standard care , attention to detail , and the best possible patient experience .
Our mission : enhancing the quality and effectiveness of healthcare by promoting excellence and professionalism in the practice of medicine .
Our value : patient-centered care , empathy , professionalism , communication , and teamwork .
At Sorphear Maternity Hospital , we encourage safe natural deliveries . Professor Pech Sothy , our executive medical director , ensures that all medical staffs are qualified and maintain high-quality standards . Patient ’ s mental and physical wellbeing is our main goal .
Every month , we have an average of 400 inpatients and 2,500 outpatients , including international clients . Our hospital is committed to providing compassionate , accessible , and high quality healthcare to everyone , especially mothers and babies . As a maternity-focused hospital , we are one of the first private hospitals with a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ( NICU ). In addition , we have one of the most innovative diagnostic centres offering the latest services and a range of imaging modalities , such as ultrasound machines , CT scans , and X-rays . Sorphear Maternity Hospital is also equipped with a fully functioning laboratory and partners with many international laboratories to provide the best care for our patients .
In response to increasing demand , Sorphear Maternity Hospital is pleased to announce the construction of our new 23-storey building located in the heart of Phnom Penh . The new building will be fully equipped with the latest technology and is expected to be opened in 2023 . We are also looking forward to launching a new infertility department .
For almost 30 years , Sorphear Maternity Hospital has remained the leading and most trusted private maternity hospital in Cambodia . The massive on-going support from our clients is strong evidence that we are one of the best hospitals in Cambodia specialising in women ’ s health .
“ We are extremely honoured to be recognised as the best maternity centre of the year in Cambodia . We will continue to bring only the best equipment and assure that our staff are well trained so we can contribute to making a healthier community ,” said Dr Hang Sorphear , the CEO of Sorphear Maternity Hospital .
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