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“ We Are Smile Engineers ” has long been our simple yet compelling slogan and remains our identity and commitment at Master Care Dental Clinic as we move into the digital age .
With twenty years of experience , we have had the privilege of being the only dental clinic in Cambodia with the most dental specialists working to achieve the best results for our clients . With advanced and sophisticated technology matching those of western countries , our teams confidently perform across a broad spectrum of specialties , from simple dental surgery to more complicated cases involving digital smile design , orthodontics , aesthetic periodontal surgery , porcelain veneers , and dental implants .
We assure each case is meticulously carried out by different specialists in accordance with their areas of expertise , while obtaining the most pleasing results and providing all patients with high-quality customer service based on international standards .
Aesthetic restoration We were the first in Cambodia to adopt the Digital Smile Design concept which uses the least invasive and painless procedures . Our full-time Smile Engineer Team draws on the latest digital technologies for smile analysis to ensure the most precise outcome . Only the best dental materials and technicians are carefully recommended for our patients so they can obtain the charming smile they deserve .
Dental implants Preexisting anxieties are common among patients advised to get a dental implant , but they can rest assured at Master Care Dental Clinic . Cone-beam computed tomography and 3D digital software make it less complicated to perform computer-guided surgery during implant procedures . Most of our implant cases are completed with a small punch hole rather than a big surgery , producing remarkably accurate and relatively painless results .
Orthodontics At Master Care Dental Clinic , patient comfort , expectations , and treatment goals take centre stage in our decisions . The constant advancement in orthodontics makes diagnosis and treatment planning more digital and predictable . We can , therefore , tailormake and provide our patients with the best options covering conventional braces , self-ligating braces , clear ceramic braces , fast braces , or clear aligners . We aim to deliver the best possible smiles on our clients ’ faces .
Paediatric dentistry With an established pattern of regular treatment and quick attention to minor problems before they worsen , we offer your children a full range of dental care , from fundamental prevention to more complex treatment procedures to ensure a lifetime of good oral health . Master Care ’ s paediatric experts are trained in the latest techniques for challenging pediatric patients who can be treated under sedation or general anesthesia , if necessary , to assure their comfort during their dentist visit . A childfriendly environment with our amiable administrative staff makes a good combination to ease the concerns of our young patients .
Given the importance of other dental specialties , we closely collaborate with independent doctors and specialists , such as oral maxillofacial surgeons , periodontists , and endodontists , who need access to our operating facility and cuttingedge equipment . Together , we can effectively co-support our patients .
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