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good networking with foreign donors who provide valuable assistance . Cambodia receives valuable funding�donations from other countries , the �orld �ank , and ���s to improve access to its quality healthcare that will benefit especially the poor and vulnerable , as well as support its medical institutions .
4 ) Do you see this changing in the future and how serious is the government about raising the standards of healthcare in Cambodia ? Clearly , the Cambodian Government plays an important role in protecting the well�being of its people by raising awareness , reducing barriers ( for the poor� , and enhancing the healthcare information system . �arious projects have also been carried out , such as creating a universal health insurance structure to support the rollout of national accreditation standards .
�e can see that Cambodia is working hard to improve the standard of healthcare by establishing public health cooperation between Cambodia and other countries and international organisations .
The �overnment of Cambodia is also actively training its medical workforce to become specialists in various fields of disease on par with other countries . Apart from that , the Cambodian �overnment is also working to strengthen the efficiency of its medical technology application in national and provincial hospitals .
To put it in simple terms , the �overnment of Cambodia is aware of what the country ’ s healthcare systems need to achieve , as well as the expectations of the public . All relevant stakeholders in the country are working assiduously to achieve this .
5 ) Given that Cambodians travel abroad for major medical needs , how does the Malaysian Embassy support Malaysian hospitals and medical centres to get a share of these medical tourism dollars ? Can the Malaysian Embassy invite major hospitals for an event or to give a talk to Cambodians to promote and bring its expertise to the country ? The Embassy always strives in whatever way we can to support �alaysian medical institutions . Therefore , to promote Malaysia ’ s health tourism in Cambodia , we have worked with the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council ( �HTC� in this effort . Among the activities carried out are : i . �irtual discussion with H . � . �knha �atuk �r . �thsman Hassan , Senior �inister in charge of Special �ission and the �HTC team on �� �ovember ����� ii . Engagement with Malaysian hospitals on 27 September ���� via video conference � a total of �� representatives from various �alaysian hospitals attended� and iii . A webinar involving Malaysian hospitals , travel agents from Cambodia , and the �inistry of Tourism of Cambodia in June ����
�e plan to establish cooperation in health tourism with the aim of facilitatating and easing border restriction measures to promote even deeper cooperation in health tourism .
�e also plan to hold a meeting with the Cambodian �inistry of Health to discuss potential collaboration opportunities between Malaysia and Cambodia in this sector .
�n addition , we plan to organise e�hibitions to promote awareness about the development and quality of �alaysia ’ s healthcare products and services , share Malaysia ’ s experience in the development of its healthcare sector , and showcase �alaysia�made healthcare technology in Cambodia . � foresee participation from hospitals , diagnostic laboratories , and manufacturers of medical devices to e�hibit their myriad products and services . �n addition , there will also be a series of healthcare presentations by qualified medical practitioners in conjunction with the e�hibition . �uests , including renowned Malaysian medical practitioners , will be invited to share advances in their medical fields .
6 ) Global Health Asia-Pacific is working hard on raising the standards of healthcare in Cambodia through its competitive Awards programme and also by helping some Malaysian hospitals conclude joint ventures with Cambodian agents and medical centres . Do you think we are working in the right direction ? The approaches you are currently undertaking will definitely assist the country ’ s health industry . As � mentioned , the government of Cambodia is very proactive in improving the standards of Cambodia ’ s health system , and the positive results of what they have done are there for all to see , but obviously everyone needs a helping hand , and the Kingdom is by no means an exception . That is where Malaysia , with our vast experience and what we have achieved in terms of healthcare , can assist our AS�A� brothers towards their target of being fully self�sufficient and independent . Along with government�to�government cooperation that the Embassy is working hard on , collaborations between our private medical centres is another way to mutually benefit the healthcare industries of both countries . n
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