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8 You Ask , They Answer Is acupuncture an effective treatment for chronic pain and which types of pain can be treated with it ? What is blepharitis and its tell-tale symptoms ? Who should get tested for diabetes type 1 and type 2 ? What are wisdom teeth ?
20 Holistic health Collective action can alleviate climate change anxiety ; Mushrooms can be an essential part of clean eating ; Should I be worried about passing wind ? The low-down on sex after pregnancy
26 Heart News A relative ’ s death could increase the risk of heart failure ; Soil pollution could contribute to heart disease ; Miscarriage and infertility linked to stroke risk ; Working long hours means more deaths from heart disease and stroke
30 Cancer News Common bacteria may be responsible for some colorectal cancers ; Breast cancer spreads faster at night ; Treatment could prevent anal cancer in people with HIV ; Light-activated immunotherapy might advance brain cancer treatment
34 Medical News Global hunger and malnourishment are skyrocketing ; Can ’ t sleep well ? Climate change may be to blame ; Common injections for knee pain don ’ t work ; New phone device can diagnose ear disorders
42 Medical tourism news Malaysia joins forces with Turkish company to streamline health travel ; Thailand drops pass and insurance requirements for travellers ; Aviation group calls for swifter travel resumption in the Asia-Pacific ; Patients travelling to Korea increased in 2021
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