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KS Clinic ENT Head & Neck Centre is a practice committed to offering patients comprehensive , personalised diagnostics and treatment options , including cutting-edge advanced treatments on par with those offered in top notch facilities around the world . The clinic ’ s goal is to provide patients with a state-of-the-art onestop treatment centre and achieve the best possible patient outcomes .
Established in 2011 , KS Clinic has grown to become one of the best ENT centres in Cambodia . The services we provide our patients are based on international standards . We are fully equipped to care for both domestic and international patients with ear , nose , and throat needs .
With endoscopy technology having advanced rapidly over the past few years , we are able to use it wisely and systematically in our ENT practice to bring huge benefits to patients and practitioners , thereby improving longterm healthcare by leaps and bounds .
Our clinic has advanced technology for both diagnostics and surgery , and we use advanced procedures like endoscopy , which is the latest technology that leaves no scar on the patient , although you will feel just a little bit of pain , but most importantly , it will help you heal faster .
Beyond personalised diagnostics with ENT specialists , our KS clinic also has a specialist doctor who can treat dizziness or what we call vertigo in medical terms . This dizziness , or vertigo , is caused by an inner ear problem , or otolithiasis , which commonly occurs when rolling over in bed , bending over , or looking upward .
Conditions we treat : + EAR * Vertigo * Otitis * Fungus in ear * Mastoiditis * Hearing loss
+ NOSE * Septal deviation * Allergic rhinitis * Sinusitis * Nasal polyps * Nasal tumor * Nasal Trauma
+ THROAT * Pharyngitis * Tonsillitis * Abnormal voice
* Swallowing problems * Laryngeal tumor
All of our doctors are specialists in ENT who have studied at the University of Health Science ( UHS ) in Cambodia or in France or Japan . They also do a teaching residency in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the UHS in Phnom Penh and are members of the Cambodia Board of Otolaryngologists .
Our services include : * Outpatient diseases * Inpatient diseases * Pure tone audiometry * Endoscopy * Fibroscopy * X-Rays * CT Scans * Laboratory
Our KS Clinic will continue to grow its presence in Cambodia through our specialist doctors while working with even more partners in pursuit of providing the best patient care possible .
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