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Formed in 2013 , ASH-Charter ( AsiaHealth Network ) is a Cambodian company owned by Cam-Jade Asia Co ., Ltd . that transports more than 700 patients every year .
SERVING THE HEALTHCARE NEEDS OF PATIENTS IN ASIA ASH-Charter is a premium health network specially created to provide Cambodia access to an extensive network of top quality healthcare providers , both locally and in Asia . Currently , ASH-Charter is focussing on medical travels to Thailand , Malaysia , Singapore , Taiwan , Korea , Japan , and India for top quality healthcare .
PROVIDING COMPREHENSIVE MEDICAL CARE We provide a one-stop service for all medical inquiries , including inpatient , outpatient , emergency evacuation , and medical tours , for greater peace of mind . In the event of a medical emergency , evacuation services by private charter flight can be arranged to take patients to the right hospital and specialist . Our expert team can also help prepare travel documents in a timely fashion . To meet different needs and budgets , ASH-Charter allows patients to customise their choices . For example , they can choose between two basic public and private hospitals in the nearest and most convenient country . To ensure patients have complete peace of mind while receiving the best medical treatment , ASH-Charter offers professional medical consultations with a group
of international specialists with multidisciplinary skills , supported by a professional interpreter service for easy understanding of medical terminology and procedures and for facilitating accommodations and documentation .
We also provide an event management programme for medical seminars , medical exchanges , and consumer awareness of the Cambodian healthcare system , including global health conferences and training programmes . ASH- Charter partners with many internationally accredited medical institutions and specialists in Asia to serve our valued customers and membership patients with top quality healthcare at an affordable price and with greater convenience .
Why you need ASH-Charter ?
• Get the right specialist and hospital
• Proper medical consultations and financial plan
• Medical Professional and Accredited Hospitals
• Seek a second opinion before choosing the best
• Best doctor profile and experience
• Emergency medical escort and Medical Evacuation
• Accuracy and Price Transparency
• A better Healthcare experience
When do you need ASH-Charter ?
• When you need a good health screening
• When you have a medical problem and need a teleconsult
• When you need a procedure and medical advice
• When you don ’ t know where to go for surgery
• When you want to know if a hospital or doctor is good for your medical problem
• When you need to know how much your medical bill will be
• Can your problem be solved without surgery ?
• Need a 24 hour medical evacuation service
• Need a private charter flight
• Need medical travels
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