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The modern TCM group Oriental Remedies Group ( ORG ) is a leading patient-centred healthcare provider offering effective treatments grounded in traditional Chinese medicine ( TCM ) and enhanced with medical technology .
From a humble single physician , TCM clinic has grown into a team of bilingual physicians with 70 years of combined experience .
TCM enhanced with technology As one of the industry ’ s pioneers in leveraging technology , ORG provides personalised tech-enhanced treatments that help patients recover faster . One of their most popular tech-enhanced therapies is Electro- Lymphatic Therapy ( ELT ), which uses an FDA-registered device .
ELT is a gentle and non-invasive therapy that helps stimulate proper flow and drainage of the lymphatic system , simulating the effects of a lymphatic drainage massage , or tuina , without the pain and pressure . Patients with lymphoedema and swelling , chronic pain , autoimmune conditions ( e . g . eczema ), cancer , inflammation and injuries have experienced ELT and reported great improvements in their general well-being .
ORG is the first and only clinic in Singapore that uses TCM and ELT effectively for a variety of conditions including cancer support , eczema , fertility , and other chronic conditions . According to its lead physician and co-founder Leong Weizhen , while TCM and ELT are effective therapies on their own , the combination of both works synergisti-
Ms Beatrice Liu Shi Ying & Ms Leong Weizhen
cally to provide even better results . Other than ELT , ORG also provide Negative Ion Therapy and Far-Infrared Therapy that complement and enhance the effectiveness of TCM .
A new generation of physicians ORG ’ s emphasis on patient education , safety and treatment efficacy is ensured by their stringent recruitment and training process . This means that only the best TCM physicians make it to the team .
Its Ministry of Health-certified physicians are trained in biological sciences and TCM at Nanyang Technological University and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine . During their course of study in Singapore and China , they learn about bio-systems with a focus on bio-medical sciences and human biology and they also gain clinical experience . This new generation of physicians is well versed in eastern traditional medicine and western biomedical sciences , allowing them to diagnose accurately and prescribe effective personalised treatment plans .
Besides their medical expertise , ORG ’ s physicians are effective bilingual communicators who speak English and Chinese fluently . Specialised in chronic conditions This growing TCM group fills up a gap in the market by providing holistic healthcare to sufferers of chronic conditions . While most patients with serious health conditions turn to western treatments first , there is an upward trend of patients seeking complementary holistic care to support their recovery .
ORG is experienced in chronic conditions such as cancer support , cardiovascular diseases ( e . g ., hypertension , stroke recovery ), autoimmune conditions ( e . g ., eczema ), infertility , gynecological concerns , chronic pain , mental wellness and more . Its team has helped many patients in their recovery and will continue providing care to sufferers of chronic conditions to reduce the side effects of conventional treatments and improve their quality of life .
“ Being awarded the Best TCM in Southeast Asia is an honour and testament to our work and the impact of Oriental Remedies Group in healthcare . We are committed to transforming patient care and will work tirelessly to uphold the quality of our treatments and deliver the best results for our patients ,” said Beatrice Liu , CEO of ORG .
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