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Logan Kunaratnam
Badrul Hisham
Shameerah Navaratnam
Yasshmita Jadish Kumar
My dad had a stroke , post bypass heart surgery and his right side was affected ( hands and legs ). He was at a stage where he could not nudge a finger or toe . Dharvin from KL Kinetic is truly a wonder . His work is an art . Just over 2 months of his treatments has resulted in my dad being able to do almost everything he was able to do before the stroke . He has improved tremendously by at least 80 % and his progress is still showing on a weekly basis up to now . Dharvin ' s skills and persistence in ensuring his patients are continuously improving is amazing . From what I have observed , not only Dharvin has excellent skills in this scope of work , but his treatment is personalized for individuals , tailoring to their needs according to their respective character , issues , limitations , alms and goals . Sharing my experience so others who may need , can be beneficial by selecting KL Kinetic / Dharvin for any issues relevant to physiotherapy that you might be having .
This is by far the best Physiotherapy Centre in Seremban . I brought my mother for therapy , and she was taken care of by a lovely and very knowledgeable physiotherapist Miss Wahida . There are a few packages to choose from consisting of 5 or 10 sessions of therapy per package , and if you ' re above 60 years old , there will be special discount . The sessions conducted by Miss Wahida for my mother were twice weekly , one-onone , individualised and tailor-made to focus on her back problem . Miss Wahida was also very helpful and followed up with my mother even after her sessions , and helped to record each session so that my mother could practice at home . And knowing that what my mother was suffering from was something chronic , it came to a surprise for me as improvement was seen even after the first session . Highly recommended .
I have been going to KL Kinetic since May 2021 , My issues were knee , heel and arm mobility , Tilakh , my physiotherapist , is so patient , knowledgeable , caring and he has excellent bed side manners . Today , after 4 months , i am able to walk and even jog with ease . They are a very professional and dedicated team and i don ' t think twice about renewing my package . I am definitely seeing results . Thank you Tilakh for everything :)
Before coming to KI Kinetic , i was having some discomfort at my lower back , my movements on court was always restricted and it was uncomfortable . My physiotherapist , Wahidah helped me fix it and i barely feel the discomfort anymore ! i can now play on court without any restricted movement . she ' s also a great person and makes me feel at home whenever i come for my physiotherapy sessions .


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