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Nestled in the city centre of Singapore , the Beyond Medical Group is an investment holdings group dedicated to building iconic healthcare brands from the point of conceptualisation to management , ensuring that the clinics remain profitable and competitive . They provide logistic , organisational and administrative support so that their doctors can concentrate purely on clinical work and patient care delivery .
Since its establishment in 2013 , the Beyond Medical Group has worked with over eight doctors and 11 medical establishments , all with impressive portfolios and outcomes . Some of these clinics are Cambridge Medical Group , Allure Plastic Surgery and Alpine Surgical Practice , with their newest ventures being Capital Heart Centre and Oxford Orthopaedics . All these clinics are well-situated in accessible and well-known private hospitals around Singapore , such as Mount Elizabeth Hospital , Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital , and Mount Alvernia Hospital .
Helmed by an experienced healthcare management team , Beyond Medical Group helps doctors provide a seamless experience that goes beyond the provision of medical services . This comes in the form of healthcare solutions , personalised patient care and other medical support services well supported by a panel of specialists in every field of medical expertise .
Beyond Medical Group is well known for its healthcare marketing ,
Ms Bridgel Thian , Ms Elayne Soh & Ms Mabel Tay
working with doctors in realising their clinic ’ s brand identity and continuously carrying out marketing efforts to successfully grow their patient base and maintain patient loyalty . This comes in the form of promoting healthcare information through print , online and various media opportunities . This also involves social media planning , campaigns , e-marketing , SEO and Google analytics , PR out-reach and content strategy , to better educate the public on more healthcare treatments and options .
With its relentless efforts in marketing and the accelerated digitalisation fuelled by the COVID-19 Crisis , Beyond Medical Group has featured its doctors and their clinic services in over 60 media platforms , such as famous local publications ( The Straits Times , Lianhe Zaobao ) as well as international ones . Other notable corporate services provided by Beyond Medical Group includes partnership relations , exploring strategic programmes with overseas hospital partners for clinical collaborations and training programmes .
Beyond Medical Group will continue to grow its presence in Singapore through building more specialists ’ clinics and working with even more healthcare providers and partners , in their pursuit of providing the best patient care possible .
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